What it is: The first FDA-cleared, Dermatologist-recommended Light Therapy flexible Mask providing proven professional clinical results in a single 10 minute treatment session, with no pain, side effects or downtime. Omnilux is recognized as the world leader in medical-grade LED Light Therapy devices. Skin types: For oily, dry, normal, sensitive, acne and rosacea prone. Skin care concerns: Fine lines, wrinkly and sagging skin / by promoting collagen and elastin production, Dryness / by stimulating tissue oxygenation and blood circulation, Acne / by reducing inflammation and killing bacteria, Redness and inflammation / by improving blood flow. Highlighted Features: Flexible Mask in silicone, designed to perfectly conform to every face for optimal comfort and results, Easy to take anywhere because of its lightweight and rechargeable controller, Designed with optimized energy output and two wavelengths of light - red and near infrared. Suggested Use: Start with 3 to 5 10-minute treatments per week for 4-6 weeks, For continued maintenance, 10 minute treatment every day. Technical Specifications: LED Type Red and Near Infra-Red Wavelengths 633nm and 830nm Number of LEDs 132 LEDs (2 per LED Bulb) 66 LED Bulbs Weight 600g (mask & controller) Targeted Use Face Certifications FDA, CE Warranty 2 years Mask 1 year Controller Includes Contour FACE Rechargeable Battery Controller Power Supply & Plug Adaptors USB C to USB A Connector Head Straps Carry Bag

OmniLux Contour FACE

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