Our jade roller and electric face massage roller are very popular around the world. In order to provide our followers a better massage time. We design this with jade roller electric massage device. It mix the advantages of jade roller and electric face massage roller together. With it, your skin can not only absorb nature mineral substance, but also enjoy high frequency vibration massage time.

2 in 1 Rose Quartz Vibrating Roller

    • Nature Rose Quartz: There are two kinds rose quartz tips, jade face roller and circle jade. The roller tip was used to rolling massage. It can smooth your skin and keep circulation of blood well. Another circle jade tip was used to point massage. You can keep it on acupoint for a while and then lightly rub acupoint. It can help you calm down to get deep thought.
    • High Frequency Vibrations: It can get 6000 Vibrations/Min. You just put this device on skin, and you can feel its vibration clearly. High frequency vibration can relax muscle, release aching. Keep using it every day, your skin would be becoming smoother and smoother. It has an obvious effect to anti wrinkle and anti aging. In addition, this massage tools can also help you face lift and tight skin. This face roller can used used to massage face, skin around eyes, neck, arms and legs.